• COUNTRY : South Africa (Africa)
  • DATE : 2015-2020
  • COMMITMENT : Social inclusion of children and young people through education

1 243 young women directly benefiting

110 380 indirect beneficiaries through the "iNSPIRE Clubs"

The project

The iNSPIRE programme was conceived by Valued Citizens Initiative, a South African NGO formed in 2001 to develop citizenship education in state schools in the Gauteng province (Johannesburg, Pretoria).

The iNSPIRE programme is a series of inspirational meetings and sessions led by educators, entrepreneurs or celebrities for an audience of female South African students and adolescents. The programme features seminars and workshops on topics such as self-development, freedom of judgement and leadership. The goal is to help young women become aware of their potential, and empower them to contribute to the development of their country.

The iNSPIRE programme develops self-esteem and self-image, heals emotional injuries, broaches topics on sexual and reproductive health, and heightens awareness of human rights and social justice. iNSPIRE helps in the prevention of AIDS and the victimisation of young women in South Africa.

Since 2009, the iNSPIRE programme has reached 128 high schools and trained 235 teachers in the Free State, Gauteng, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal regions. 1,243 female young adolescent leaders have steered 110,380 students, boys and girls alike, through the Valued Citizens clubs, in order to overcome the gender-related issues that affect their dignity and confidence – and their futures.

Role of the ENGIE Foundation

The ENGIE Foundation is one of the long-standing partners of the Valued Citizens Initiative NGO and has provided support since 2002, and since 2009 on the iNSPIRE programme.

The on-site ENGIE volunteers contribute their skills and passion to the iNSPIRE programme. They give “life lessons” to the young women in order to motivate them to become leaders themselves.

Valued Citizens is affiliated with the la Voix de l’Enfant network, an organisation supported by the ENGIE Foundation, particularly in the “identity” element of its Schools, Lights and Rights programme.

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