Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow, Bryan McCormack

Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow, Bryan McCormack background


  • COUNTRY : Europe
  • DATE : 2017-2018
  • COMMITMENT : Access to culture for all, support for migrants
Over 600 drawings by migrants collected

The project

The theme of Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow, a major work by the contemporary Irish artist Bryan McCormack, is exodus as experienced by refugees in Europe. The artist asked refugees from all over Europe to draw three sketches: one of their life before (Yesterday), one of their current life (Today) and one of their life imagined in the future (Tomorrow). The work, which was showcased at the Venice Biennale, comprises more than 600 drawings, most of them by children, representing a vast testament to the refugee exodus.

Bryan McCormack’s work is a fantastic medium for raising public awareness about the issue of migrants. Social media is instrumental in this, with drawings posted daily on the project’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. In addition, many performances, workshop/discussion sessions and talks are being held in schools and refugee camps.

Role of the ENGIE Foundation

The Foundation supported the project in 2017 for a period of one year. This support will allow the artist to expand the work to include migrants outside Europe, most notably in Africa.