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  • COUNTRY: France (Europe)
  • DATE: since 2015

60% of beneficiaries improve their writing skills

+25% exam pass rate

The project

Training new generations of professionals, passing on the Opera’s knowledge to as many people as possible and creating new works are at the heart of the Paris Opera’s challenges. Embodied and supported by the Académie, these missions contribute to the Opera’s necessary openness to the challenges of today’s society. Created in 2015, L’ACADEMIE DE L’OPERA NATIONAL DE PARIS articulates its missions around Transmission, Training and Creation.

The role of the ENGIE Foundation

The ENGIE Foundation has been a founding patron of the Académie de l’Opéra de Paris since 2015 and supports two programs of the Académie de l’Opéra de Pais:

  • The Artists-in-Residence program, which has enabled over 150 artists to develop their professional careers and a large and diverse audience to attend concerts and recitals given in France and abroad.
  • The “Dix Mois d’École et d’Opéra” (Ten Months of School and Opera) program aims to contribute to equal opportunities and academic success for pupils in priority education networks. This long-standing partnership with the Paris and Versailles education authorities is continuing to develop in Corsica, Centre-Val de Loire and Normandy. Each year, it enables 900 students from priority education networks to discover opera and its professions.

Promoting access to culture for all has been at the heart of the ENGIE Foundation’s work for 30 years. Culture is a formidable tool for enrichment, expression and openness to others.

IMPACT: In collaboration with the educational teams at each school, the Opéra national de Paris implements innovative teaching methods that reach over 900 students every season, from kindergarten to vocational high school.

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