Providing the energy of possibility

Providing the energy of possibility to build a better world for the future? Who better to do this than ENGIE, one of the world’s leading energy players…

More than ever, the ENGIE Foundation believes we need to be optimistic and work together to find solutions for the future. In a world facing many challenges, including global warming, migration, biodiversity conservation, access to energy for all and tackling poverty, we believe that the energy required to drive the most useful, necessary and ambitious projects must be unleashed as a matter of urgency. This is the mission of the ENGIE Foundation, and it is also the vision shared by all ENGIE employees around the world.

« The ENGIE Foundation is one of the first corporate foundations created in France. It has maintained its course since its inception, and this course chosen 30 years ago continues to be relevant, in line with societal needs. More than ever, it seems important to maintain it, by seeking again and again to reinforce the impact of our actions in the field. »

Bernard Guirkinger, Vice President of the ENGIE Foundation

Over 1,000 projects in 25 years, in 25 countries

Since its creation, the ENGIE Foundation has supported some 1,000 projects, charitable organisations and institutions. So many encounters and shared adventures, so many smiles and emotions, so many lives transformed. And as the years go by, more stories continue to be written… and more energy is unleashed to build a better world for the future.

ENGIE Foundation timeline

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