For People: fighting poverty and employment

Innovate for employment, develop apprenticeships and carry out concrete, local actions rooted in the ENGIE Group.

The aim of this program is to combat poverty and promote integration through employment by financing concrete projects to help people back into the workforce.

With the Agir Pour l’Emploi ENGIE Foundation, the ENGIE Foundation wishes to contribute to the professional integration and return to employment of people who are far from it or in a situation of exclusion.

The ENGIE Foundation is also committed to strengthening women’s leadership and economic empowerment with partners such as Stand Speak Rise Up and Femmes des territoires.

Combating violence against women is a priority for the ENGIE Foundation, with support for the Maisons des Femmes.


Our commitments

Supporting projects that combine social and environmental impact

Support projects proposing innovative solutions for people furthest from employment

Support projects promoting professional integration and job creation

Support local projects rooted in the community


A partner of the ENGIE Foundation since 1994, Samusocial de Paris meets homeless people and those in extremely precarious situations, directs them to a place to stay and offers them medical, psychological and social support.

Its emergency social services include the Paris 115, outreach services, boarding houses, emergency accommodation centers (CHU), Lits Halte Soins Santé (LHSS) and Lits d’Accueil Médicalisé (LAM).

The ENGIE Foundation supports innovative projects run by Samu Social de Paris:

– the BEEP mission (renamed PHRH – Pôle Hébergement et réservations hôtelières in 2017), which involves meeting families accommodated in hotels to assess their health situation, and offer them appropriate referrals to healthcare facilities.

In 2019, the ENGIE Foundation has decided to support a project for homeless women.

In 2024

Oasis: hygiene and care day-care center for women in extremely precarious situations, to provide an even better response to the specific needs of these women.

👉 Objective: to help these women reintegrate, regain their self-esteem and access their rights.

The new 300m² space, located in the north of the 11th arrondissement, features a garden and private entrance.

It offers women services built around five pillars:

  • Welcome, advice and guidance
  • Access to care
  • Access to everyday services
  • Access to rights and reintegration
  • Participate in well-being and self-esteem-boosting activities

Sharing the future

Young people aged between 15 and 21 staying in hotels are the group least targeted by our activities, due to the complexity of their preoccupations with schooling, their professional future and their desire for independence. This age group is often ignored by social services, social workers and other stakeholders, and remains invisible within an already marginalized population. The “Un avenir en partage” project aims to address this issue by focusing on three areas: participation and expression, socio-cultural activities and professionalization. These actions aim to offer opportunities for expression, leisure and cultural openness, as well as personalized support towards professional integration. The aim is to anticipate the growing needs of this population, given the increasing number of young people staying in hotels in the Paris region. The workshops will take place in the eight departments of the Ile-de-France region, to take account of the different realities of daily life.