Carte d'identité du projet

  • COUNTRY : Brazil (South America)
  • DATE : 2019-2020
  • COMMITMENT : social inclusion of children and young people through healthcare and education

5,625 children as direct beneficiaries

17,000 indirect beneficiaries

The project

This new "Clean water, healthy children" project focuses on hygiene, soil remediation and environmental education, seeking to improve the health of children and local populations in the Brazilian town of Paracatu (near the ENGIE Solar Direct site) With a focus on hygiene and environmental education, this programmes seeks to improve the health of children and local populations by promoting sustainable access to drinking water, raising awareness about protection of water sources, organising education days and practical activities to ensure the long-term success of the programme. The programme includes mapping the water sources in the region with the help of technicians from the nearby Solar plant, using them correctly and preserving them through reforestation, protecting them, regularly analysing water quality, through the use of teaching kits that involve schools, training over one hundred teachers on hygiene, drinking water conservation, waste management and protection of the environment in general, in order to educate the children who will in turn share this knowledge with their parents.

Role of the ENGIE Foundation

Instituto Melhores Dias has been working to help the poorest communities in Brazil since 1993. The ENGIE Foundation has been a partner since 2009 as part of a close, long-term collaboration with Instituto Melhores Dias. Employees at the neighbouring ENGIE Solar Direct site are involved as volunteers on the Paracatu programme. Overview of projects suppoted by the ENGIE Foundation In 2010-2014: Healthy Children, Healthy Futures for Indian communities (Brazil) In 2014-2015: Healthy Children, Healthy Futures in Brazil and Uruguay and emergency aid In 2015-2016: Children and Healthy Communities, Sustainable future in Trairi (Brazil) In 2015-2016: Clean Water, Healthy Children in Carolina (Brazil) In 2017-2018: Happy Seeds in Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

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