Carte d'identité du projet

  • COUNTRY : France (Europe)
  • DATE : 2019
  • COMMITMENT : Health

The project

An innovative building specially-designed to accommodate people undergoing cancer treatment and in the post-cancer recovery phase The Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer branch in Haute-Garonne wants to create a warm and welcoming "home away from home" for patients undergoing treatment for cancer and during post-cancer care. This means helping them get back to their normal social, working and family lives and to maintain a social and emotional bond with their families during these difficult periods. The project consists of acquiring and renovating a house in Toulouse on the site of Hôpital Gérard Marchant, formerly the AZF factory. The house is listed as a historical monument. Objectives: - Provide temporary accommodation for people undergoing cancer treatment, assist the most financially vulnerable and strengthen social cohesion - The support on offer includes advice on dealing with possible changes in appearance, reflexology, adapted sports activities, nutritional advice, psychological support, sophrology, and back-to-work assistance to help patients get back to their normal lives after cancer - Promote health awareness and cancer screening

Role of the ENGIE Foundation

There are two distinct phases in the project: 1/ Acquisition and renovation of the first lot, a house intended for accommodation, reception and support care 2/ Acquisition of a second lot in the immediate vicinity to increase capacity to eventually offer 15 to 20 rooms The ENGIE Foundation is providing financial support in the first phase of the project to build the much-awaited support centre in the region.

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