Carte d'identité du projet

  • COUNTRY : Afghanistan (Asia)
  • DATE : 2015-2017
  • COMMITMENT : Social inclusion of children and young people through education, access to energy for all

13 schools electrified

27,000 students

The project

With the ENGIE Foundation's support, 13 schools in the Panjshir and Paghman regions will be fitted with solar panels, giving them access to electricity. This action is part of a comprehensive programme to enable Afghan girls to access higher education (through the awarding of scholarships). Another component of the programme focuses on continuing training for female teachers. Afghanistan Libre was founded by the French-Afghan feminist and writer Chekeba Hachemi in 1996, shortly after the Taliban came to power. From day one, its remit has been to facilitate access to education for young Afghan women.

Role of the ENGIE Foundation

The Foundation voted to support the project in 2015 for a period of three years. This project perfectly embodies the Foundation's desire to support overarching projects run by women for women. However, the partnership with the ENGIE Foundation does not stop there. Inspired by the Schools, Lights and Rights programme, Afghanistan Libre is also bringing lights and rights into Afghan homes.

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