A historical partner of IHES, the ENGIE Foundation has recently made a gift to IHES supporting early-stage researchers and female visitors at the Institute.

This support will contribute directly to the Institute’s operational budget, to finance both the organization of summer schools and the visits of women researchers to IHES.

The IHES summer schools are a major annual event at the Institute aimed at scientists at the beginning of their careers, doctoral students or post-doctoral fellows. By supporting these events, the ENGIE Foundation contributes to the transmission of knowledge and the training of new generations of researchers. In 2023, the ENGIE Foundation will support the summer school “Advances in algebraic K-theory“.

By supporting the visits of women researchers to IHES, the ENGIE Foundation strengthens its action to make scientific careers more accessible to women, who remain under-represented, especially in mathematics and theoretical physics, two key subjects at IHES.

With this new gift to IHES, the ENGIE Foundation goes even further in its commitment to support excellence in fundamental research at the highest international level, standing alongside early-stage researchers and women scientists.

In 2023, the ENGIE Foundation’s gift will be used to support in particular the visit of Delaram Kahrobaei, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at the City University of New York (CUNY), Honorary Chair of Cybersecurity at the University of York in the United Kingdom and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at New York University.

Prof. Kahrobaei first visited IHES in 2004, when she was an assistant professor at the University of St. Andrews, UK, and she recently returned to IHES for a three-week visit, which will be funded thanks to the support of the ENGIE Foundation.

Read Delaram Kahrobaei’s portrait on the ENGIE website and discover here her video testimony as part of the series “Voices of Women at IHES”.

The ENGIE Foundation is committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals in three areas: “Helping Children & Education”, “Access to Energy, Biodiversity & Climate” and “Employment and the Fight against Poverty”.

The Foundation’s three main priorities meet a single requirement: to take care of life and our planet, and to meet the needs of vulnerable or remote populations.

The ENGIE Foundation is convinced that the role of women is essential to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, the ENGIE Foundation supports projects according to the following four criteria

  • Strengthening women’s leadership and participation, particularly through education, access to culture and integration through employment
  • Fighting against violence against women and against precariousness
  • Strengthening women’s economic empowerment, particularly through access to energy
  • Committing to gender equality.

Supporting impactful projects, participating in the collective effort of the 2030 Agenda and carrying ENGIE’s raison d’être are what guides the ENGIE Foundation’s action every day.