The weekend of June 2-3, 2018 sees the return of We Love Green, with its rich and eclectic programme, its innovative ideas and its aspiration to change the world. The ENGIE Foundation is proud to be a partner of Paris’s greenest festival for another year!

What’s on at We Love Green 2018

Featuring over 60 concerts, talks, exhibitions and screenings, We Love Green takes place this weekend in the Bois de Vincennes on the eastern edge of Paris. Between 60 and 70,000 festivalgoers are expected this year, with artists including Björk, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jamie XX and Orelsan set to perform on the site’s two stages. But We Love Green is about more than just music. From the outset, the festival has embraced an eco-friendly ethos, powering its facilities with renewable energy, managing and recycling waste and water, and raising public awareness about organic and local food and recycling, among other commitments.

Another fixture of We Love Green since 2013 is the Think Tank, an ‘ideas lab’ at the heart of the festival which aims to raise maximum awareness of major social and environmental challenges. This year, the Think Tank is rising to new heights in a bid to gain a better overview of the issues facing our planet. Are we really alone in the universe? What is the overview effect? Will we soon need to find another habitable planet after exhausting the resources of Planet Earth? How do we combine technological progress with protecting the world around us? These questions will be addressed in a series of talks, panel discussions and exchanges between the public and guest speakers scheduled throughout the weekend to promote environmentally responsible innovation and come up with practical ideas for our planet. This year’s special guests on the Think Tank stage include philosopher Catherine Larrère, forestry researcher and engineer Ernst Zürcher, economist and author Jacques Attali and oceanographer Patricia Ricard.

As well as talks, there will also be screenings of films from around the world. Located at the heart of the festival, the new screening area will feature a varied programme of films, documentaries and immersive virtual-reality experiences. Finally, in the Think Tank arena, festivalgoers will get to meet 30 start-up companies who will be showcasing their projects through hands-on workshops.

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