WOMAN features women from every continent, rich and poor, known and unknown. They all share their emotions and stories without taboos. Together, they give rise to a new vision of the world, which is essential for building the future of our planet. After “Human” in 2015, Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Anastasia Mikova present “WOMAN” touching on several powerful topics such as education, poverty, justice and courage. Because it is a priority for women’s voices to be heard, the ENGIE Foundation has decided to support Woman and several associations featured in the film.

“We felt that women urgently needed to speak out and we needed to give them the opportunity to do so. “ – Anastasia Mikova.

2,000 Women in 50 countries

Woman fulfils the desire to look at the world through a woman’s eyes. This film takes us to the four corners of the world to meet the first ones: all these women with different paths in life, shaped by their culture, their faith or their family history. It is also a reflection of today’s world. A reflection that is often gloomy considering all the injustices suffered by women. But above all, this film is a message of love and hope sent to all the women of the world. An attempt to understand their lives, to measure how far they have come but also how far they still have to go. How can this be done?

“WOMAN” is a “fresco” that features the voices of 2,000 women who have agreed to testify in 50 countries. Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Anastasia Mikova have met individuals who are both known and unknown, all of whom are heroic in their daily lives, from all over the world. Aim? Expose some of the injustices that women face, and demonstrate their determination to overcome barriers and stereotypes.

Profits from the film will be donated to the association WOMAN(s) (Women on media and news – school) whose main mission will be to train women and girls from all over the world in media related professions. Through the proceeds of the film and the support of our partners, the association will offer women the opportunity to learn visual professions so that they in turn can speak out for all those who have for too long not been heard in their country.

The ENGIE Foundation is getting involved!

In addition to supporting the film WOMAN, the ENGIE Foundation wished to support some of the women interviewed by the film teams in their actions.

  • Support for female victims of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Nobel Peace Prize winner fights against an epidemic: rape, which has become a weapon of war for groups fighting for control of the region’s minerals. Denis Mukwege, the so-called ‘Women’s Repairman’, has treated more than 50,000 female survivors of sexual violence at his hospital in Panzi, which he founded in 1999. Victims receive surgery in the facility, using state-of-the-art medical endoscopy techniques, and are also supported psychologically and legally.

Because this women’s cause is at the heart of its commitments, the ENGIE Foundation has decided to support Denis Mukwege. This partnership will involve the re-engineering of the electrical facilities at the Panzi Hospital, in order to provide a power supply as well as to significantly increase the ecological and economic efficiency of all of the structure’s facilities and equipment.

  • NGO for the villagers from Ndem in Senegal

We want to be a partner in action. With the teams at WOMAN, we identified the NGO NDEM in Senegal, located between Dakar and Saint-Louis. An NGO with 4,600 members and many active women, which has been working for 30 years with 16 villages in various fields such as health, education, environment, agroecology and entrepreneurship. It now needs drilling and solar facilities in order to further develop its programme and bring energy to the most isolated areas. We quickly got Energy Assistance, an internal NGO of the ENGIE Group, on board to fine-tune the programme as much as possible!