C’est la Semaine Européenne du Développement Durable (SEDD) du 18 septembre au 8 octobre 2020. Une semaine dédiée à la préservation de l’environnement et au développement durable. L’occasion, pour chacun de nous et pour la Fondation ENGIE, de partager des actions concrètes et ambitieuses pour imaginer le monde de demain !

The project in a nutshell

To create his project, the artist spent more than a year in dozens of camps across Europe, where he worked with hundreds of refugee children of many nationalities. He invited them to draw three sketches on three sheets of paper, one of their life before (Yesterday), one of their current life (Today) and one of their life imagined in the future (Tomorrow). The resulting drawings are striking and moving, often mingling the violence of the past, the bewilderment of the present and the difficulty of imagining the future. In three drawings, these refugees get to speak and do what human beings are born to do: tell a story, tell their own story.

The project also aims to disseminate these messages on social media, so that they become fantastic tools for raising public awareness about the plight of Europe’s refugees. You can find Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The artist: Bryan McCormack

Bryan McCormack was born in Dublin in 1972 but lives and works in Paris. Most of his work deals with specifically social and political topics. He has organised over 30 solo and group exhibitions in venues including the Centre Pompidou and UNESCO in Paris, the Empire Gallery in London and the Chopin Museum in Valldemossa. One of his monumental public works is a permanent installation in Paris’s Parc de Saint-Cloud.