This year, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl Child. This day, wanted by the UN, is an opportunity to focus on the challenges faced by the 600 million adolescent girls in the world and to promote their empowerment and the respect of their human rights. With one observation: throughout the world, young girls continue to face unprecedented challenges in terms of their education, their physical and mental well-being, and the protections needed to lead a life free of violence.

Let’s recall some numbers:
In 2022, worldwide: 32 million girls who are not in school, 12 million girls who are married before the age of 18.

The ENGIE Foundation is convinced that the role and the future of girls, future women, are essential to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Goals. The girls of today will be the women of tomorrow.

For 30 years, the ENGIE Foundation has paid particular attention to projects that have an impact on the lives of young girls through

  • Access to education, culture and health,
  • Access to energy and essential goods, because without energy there are no schools, hospitals, drinking water,
  • Integration, employment, the fight against poverty, in order to allow an economic activity favorable to the development of the community.

The ENGIE Foundation wants to give young girls a chance.

Focus on 3 projects of the ENGIE Foundation that have benefited more than 1,280 young girls

The ENGIE foundation has accompanied 1243 young girls with the iNSPIRE program

For 20 years, the ENGIE foundation has been one of the historical partners of the NGO Valued Citizens Initiative.
Valued Citizens is an association that aims to inspire individuals to become responsible citizens, determined to lead their lives by engaging in South African democracy and economy.
Since 2009, the ENGIE Foundation has been supporting the NGO on the iNSIRE program.
This iNSPIRE program, aims to address gender inequality and poverty in communities by developing and challenging girls’ self-perception, promoting their emotional well-being and helping them to become young leaders in their communities, becoming the positive role models that young people expect

Today, the iNSPIRE program has reached 1243 student girls who are leading their iNSPIRE clubs in their respective schools to address gender-related challenges that impact their dignity, confidence, and future.
Through this, adolescent girls leaders have led 110,380 students, both boys and girls, with sustainable projects that have brought about iNSPIRE change in their lives and schools.

With the support of the ENGIE Foundation, 36 young girls participated in the WIA Code Ngaparou program in Senegal

The ENGIE Foundation, supported Women in Africa for the launch of the WIA Code Ngaparou program in Senegal with the aspiration to prepare young girls for careers in science, technology and innovation in Africa. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​For 10 months, from January to September (2022), these 36 girls from Lycée Serigne Mamadou Lena Diop of Ngaparou, aged 16 to 20, participated in the WIA Code program every Thursday during school periods.
During this program, they were trained, mentored and coached on two main themes:

  • Coding: basics of coding, problem solving, oral presentation of projects.
  • Soft skills” which focus on self-confidence, leadership, setting personal goals, public speaking and discovering new careers.

The objective was to:

  • Familiarize and develop skills
  • Have a first professional experience in the field
  • Networks and communication

Foundation « Un Avenir Ensemble »

Fondation “Un Avenir Ensemble”, acts for the social mobility of France by proposing to the decorated of the nation (Legion of Honor, Military Medal, National Order of Merit) to sponsor deserving and motivated students.

It is a support for students in a fragile socio-economic situation, from the “classe de Seconde” until their integration in the professional life, combining financial contributions and personalized action programs from the Foundation “Un Avenir Ensemble”.

The ENGIE Foundation accompanies the journey of 6 young high school girls with the support of ENGIE employees.