Carte d'identité du projet

  • COUNTRY : France (Europe)
  • DATE : 2018-2020
  • COMMITMENT : Health

The project

The number of homeless women has doubled in 10 years. On the streets, homeless women are particularly exposed to danger and all kinds of violence (aggression, rape, insults, exploitation, etc.). They usually present in a very poor physical and psychological state of health. As they are very few in number, the existing hygiene facilities for women living on the streets are quickly inundated. SAMU Social wants to open a resource space to meet with and help these women by respecting their privacy, allowing them to speak freely and to accommodate medical, psychological and gynaecological treatments: - Access to a large number of showers and toilets - Availability of hygiene and sanitary products, a self-service laundry, changing rooms - Medical consultations, health check-ups, prevention and health education - Social support, awareness-raising about women's rights, discussion groups

Role of the ENGIE Foundation

The ENGIE Foundation is proud to financially support SAMU Social de Paris in the new "Bains-Douches Charenton" project scheduled for inauguration on 20 March. The Foundation is a long-standing partner of SAMU Social de Paris. We have supported SAMU since 1994 across various projects, including the BEEP project (Bus Espace Enfants Parents), which the ENGIE Foundation has supported since it was launched in 2014. Other projects include the renovation of the Babinski wing in Hôpital Charles Foix in Ivry sur Seine. Inauguration of the wing is scheduled for spring this year. The wing will accommodate people suffering from social exclusion, refugees (feeling from war, persecution, FGM, forced marriage), as well as people with reduced mobility.

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