Project identity card

  • COUNTRY: France
  • DATE: 2022-2024
  • FOR PEOPLE: protecting biodiversity

97,000 volunteers mobilized

Over 900 tones of waste collected

The project

Created in June 2015 by committed personalities from the maritime world and civil society (sailors, association leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, etc.), the Fondation de la Mer supports numerous players to strengthen and accelerate their positive impact in favor of the Ocean. It also implements its own projects to protect marine ecosystems, combat pollution, support research, encourage innovation, and inform and raise public awareness.

The role of the ENGIE Foundation

The ENGIE Foundation is a major partner of the Fondation de la Mer for the “Un Geste Pour La Mer” program. The “Un Geste Pour La Mer” platform was created in 2019 and enables everyone to act against plastic pollution with:

  • A global community that brings together citizens, associations, scientists, educational institutions, local authorities and private players.
  • A map of collections in mainland France and overseas territories, news, educational resources and practical tools to help citizens in their commitment to the Ocean and organize collections.
  • A simple and rapid funding mechanism for associations that are concretely fighting plastic pollution through waste collection or awareness-raising actions.

The ENGIE Foundation is also a partner in the “Repêchons les océans” (Let’s fish out the oceans) program, which recycles marine waste in collaboration with the French fishing industry. It brings together and supports fishing and upcycling players in France, promoting its development on a local scale.


  • 300 players registered on the platform
  • Over 150 associations funded
  • 1,950 collections organized
  • 97,000 volunteers mobilized
  • Over 900 tonnes of waste collected

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