Carte d'identité du projet

  • COUNTRY : France (Europe)
  • DATE : 2018
  • COMMITMENT : Social inclusion of children through culture and sport

The project

Recognised as a public-interest organisation, Les Nids ('Nests') was founded in Rouen in 1931 by Madeleine Lecoeur, a woman who devoted her life and fortune to looking after children. The charity has a long track record of supporting children in difficulty in Normandy. Its role is to provide children and teenagers with protection, support, education and understanding in order to give them the very best chance of building a future for themselves. The ENGIE Foundation is supporting the Olympics being organised by Les Nids in Le Havre on May 25, 2018. The day-long event will feature sports competitions, a slam and art competitions and will be attended by some 200 children, teenagers and young people supported by Les Nids. As well as discovering sports and cultural activities, the aim is to have fun together, nurture team spirit and forge links between all the young people involved. The ENGIE Foundation has also decided to set up a job sponsorship scheme linked to ENGIE's business lines to help young people in difficult circumstances get into work.

Role of the ENGIE Foundation

Role of the ENGIE Foundation The Foundation helps Les Nids to set up cultural access projects for the young people supported by the organisation.

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