To promote employee engagement and develop access to energy for the  most vulnerable populations, the ENGIE Foundation has structured its “Access to energy for all” programme by providing  strong  support for the action and operation of two internal NGOs, Energy Assistance, created in 2001 in Belgium and in 2005 in France, by volunteer employees of the ENGIE group.

Give them the means to act and federate, share a common commitment to allow access to energy for the most vulnerable populations, with a target of one million beneficiaries by the end of 2025.

Signature of the 2022-2025 framework agreement by Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENGIE and the ENGIE Foundation, Tony Moes de Hase CEO of Energy Assistance in Belgium and Eric Bassac President of Energy Assistance France

Created by voluntary and committed collaborators  in Belgium and France, the mission of Energy Assistance associations  is to bring energy to the  most disadvantaged and isolated populations in the world to provide them  with  essential services  and to improve their living conditions, thanks to sustainable, long term, autonomous and low-carbon energy installations.

These humanitarian projects cannot be carried out without the commitment of ENGIE Group employees, who made their skills and know-how available.

In 2022, 40 projects, supported by the Foundation, were carried out thanks to 67 volunteers.

Giving access to energy means improving daily life, increasing access to drinking water, health, and allowing education under good conditions. But for this to happen, it is essential to give priority to clean and renewable energy sources, to educate and raise awareness.

The ENGIE Corporate Foundation is committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

With 52% of its projects dedicated to access to renewable and sustainable energies and biodiversity in 2022, the ENGIE Foundation is committed year after year to access to energy and the environment. Support impactful projects, participating in the collective effort of the 2030 Agenda and carry ENGIE’s raison d’être – “act to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, through more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions”.

The ENGIE Foundation acts to provide:

  • Energy through employee engagement
  • Energy for the education of the greatest number
  • Energy to improve lives on a daily basis

With Energy Assistance, the ENGIE Foundation wishes to

  • Contribute to the 2030 Agenda and  to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Mobilize employees more strongly
  • In the field of general interest, to provide an illustration of ENGIE’s raison d’être: to work for carbon neutrality among the poorest populations, most often located in isolated areas.

Examples of projects carried out in 2022

Energy to save lives at Panzi Hospital (DRC)

Panzi Hospital was founded by Dr. Denis Mukwege. The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Dr. Denis Mukwege is nicknamed the “fixer of women”. This world-renowned hospital is known for its vocation to help women survivors of sexual violence related to armed conflict. Each year, 2300 women victims of sexual violence are operated on.

The ENGIE Foundation financed the energy equipment  for 5 new operating theatres, work that was carried out by the employees of the internal NGO Energy Assistance Belgium. 

More information: The ENGIE Foundation supports a major project in Africa to combat violence against women – ENGIE Foundation (

Energy for the poorest

Solar street lights for the villages of AKAMASOA in Madagascar

The Humanitarian Association AKAMASOA was created in 1989 by Father Pedro to help the poorest people of Antananarivo, who lived on the dump of Andralanitra and in the streets of the capital. His goal was to get these people out of the inhumane places where they lived, so that they could lead a human life in dignity.

Today, after 26 years of struggle, the AKAMASOA association has helped 500,000 Malagasy. 3,000 houses have been built.

Thanks to the mobilization of Energy Assistance France and ENGIE employees, 9 solar street lights have been installed around the three sports fields present in Father Pedro’s villages for 5,000 young beneficiaries.

Every year on 5 December, the UN celebrates the theme of solidarity through volunteerism with “International Volunteer Day”. This campaign aims to highlight the power of collective action and commitment to bring about positive change through volunteerism and highlight those who give their free time, energy and skills to help others: volunteers.

Growing inequalities around the world call on us to work together to find common solutions. Volunteers, brought together by their solidarity, develop solutions to the urgent development challenges and for the common good

The ENGIE Foundation supports many associations around the world. It is aware that without many volunteers who are committed, solidarity projects would be difficult to carry out.
It is convinced that together we can bring our support to the most vulnerable.
On this day, the ENGIE Foundation encourages you to get involved, to give a little of your time occasionally or regularly for a solidarity action and invites you to get closer to NGOs after you, but also those internal to your company.

Portrait of 2 committed employees, Transition Markers

Tiphaine Houssin

ENGIE Group Employee, tells us about her commitment to Energy Assistance France.

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Sarah Ouziaux

ENGIE Impact : Segment Manager – Regulated, Institutional & Multilateral Organizations – basée à Bruxelles

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The role of female volunteers: a strong requirement in our approach

Eric Bassac, President of Energy Assistance France:

“At Energy Assistance France, our projects mobilized 31 volunteers, which 22 have participated in missions. 1/3 of the volunteers were women and 6 were first-time starters.

Of the 120 members of our association, 43% are women. Each year, they are more and more committed. We have a perfect mix on the board of directors and our permanent representative is a woman.

Today at Energy Assistance in Belgium, we have 36 volunteers, 6 of whom are women. »

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